• Transport packaging

Cartons for secure shipping of goods,regardless of whether sent as a package by regular postal service, freight forwarder on pallets or in a container to overseas destinations. Packaging solutions of this category often comprise standard designs according to FEFCO, but they can also be customised in many different ways regarding the print, size or corrugated cardboard grade.

Typical product examples:

  • Automatic bottom cartons: Cartons with a glued bottom that can be set up quickly by pressing them together by hand
  • Folding cartons: The classic, with abutted or overlapping flaps at the bottom and top
  • Self-locking cartons: Flat, punched corrugated carton sheets folded manually into a carton
  • Mailboxes for online trading: with shelf-adhesive strips for sending and returning as well as tear strips. As an sustainable option we offer alternatively a paper based tear strip.