Performance & Service


  • Targeted cost-optimised product development
  • Automatic production capability, efficient handling, presentation of goods
  • Individual packaging tests or analysis of industry-specific attributes, such as ECT, BCT and others
  • Optimal product protection in shipping

Production of packaging

  • Direct printing on corrugated carton as well as lining of preprinted products possible
  • Offset and flexoprinting processes
  • C, B, E and F shaped corrugation in combinations according to the specific demand
  • Wide range of articles produced with powerful rotary and flatbed punching presses, in-line and gluing machines


  • Transport optimisation and customer focused truck utilisation
  • Quick and flexible deliveries
  • Customised palletising
  • “Just-in-time” supply

Planning & Scheduling

  • Top supply reliability though stock management
  • Handling of inventories through own production planning and inventory management to ensure demand-specific supply with cartons
  • EDI order processing
  • Shared production capacities across different plants within the Palm Group to cover demand Peaks
  • Online stock list: overview of stocks, productions and deliveries